Champaign County's educational delivery system and support organizations are important parts of our economic development tool kit and valuable partners for your business.

How we deliver for your business...

Our county school systems operate under the auspices of the Ohio Department and are near the top of the state's school rankings each year.  Course offerings, graduation rates and reputation among peers are exemplary.  The Madison-Champaign Educational Service Center (MCESC) is based in Urbana and supports local school districts and educators with programs and continuing education offerings with a staff of over 275.

Additionally, Ohio Hi-Point Career Technical Center in nearby Logan County serves area juniors/seniors students interested in specialized career training, as well as adults looking at a career change or job re-training.  Private schools serving local students include Johnny Appleseed Montessori in-county, as well as Springfield Catholic Central schools and Emmanuel Christian Academy in nearby Springfield.

The Champaign Technology and Employment Center (C-TEC) offerings employers such services as job postings, employee screening, testing and interviewing, as well as some cost sharing for job training.